How to Become a Poet

How to become a poet? This question is no less important than a question how to earn so much money and give yourself some comfort. Poetry writing is as arduous for a poet as is earning so much money for a person who has just started getting richer. Then, the question is, is there any shortcut for the same? Yes, maybe to earn money, you have some shortcuts, but to become a poet, certainly, there are not any of those! You have to go through a path which is full of self-discovery. In order to become a poet, you have to discover what is inside you that can reflect the world outside you. Writing poem is fun once you know how to write them… otherwise, you will just be like the kid who does not know how to write but keep rubbing the needle of the pen on the paper.

I have studied some of the finest poems in the courses that I had been through. Secondary, senior secondary and college… through all the years, I have read Shakespeare, Coleridge, Wordsworth, T S Eliot and also some of John Milton. English was not my major course. However, one thing I could easily realise that those who write serious poetry, do take serious burden upon themselves. It’s not like a tutiya shayari that people write these days on facebook etc. Poetry is far serious!

To become a poet, what you need to do is find that very seriousness inside you. Once you have seriousness, you will start thinking a little more relaxed and then only you can see the world outside with a different perspective that others cannot… hopefully, the link below will help you to understand some of the basics of poetry writing.

How to Become a Poet

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