19th Akshauhini: algorithm of the Gita | Book Review

There have been several translations and interpretations of the holy book of the Hindu scripture – Gita. The most knowns among them are undoubtedly the versions by Paramhansa Yogananda and one by A C Bhaktivedanta. Nevertheless, the attempts, by many authors of today, have been made time to time to interpret Gita for the modern … Continue reading 19th Akshauhini: algorithm of the Gita | Book Review

A Business Miscellany Book Review

A Business Miscellany by The Economist is indeed a wonderful book to read as well as to decorate the bookshelves. Very few books you can find of such a level as this one is. A compact edition that you can easily carry in your office bags or even in the breast pockets of your overcoats … Continue reading A Business Miscellany Book Review