Book Reviews: Book Blogger & Me

Reading a book is a simple phenomenon; it happens every day; it happens many times; it can occur with anyone. However, there are a few who bother to write the review of a book that they have just read and I call those all – the brave hearts! Ask me why? I will tell you: they endured the curiosity and still did not skip the pages to read the end at once… they were following order to understand what happened and when and they only can write a good book review, to be frank! I am one of those who read the book to the end and then only play with my keyboard. Yes, I do write book reviews and also, so often!

While I review the books, I make sure that I am able to bring up the pros and cons of the book very clearly, as far as I am doing reviews who might contain spoilers. However, in non-spoiler reviews as well, I somehow try my best to bring the best possible evaluation to my readers. Reviews might and might not be the lines on which the readership of a book is decided. Sometimes, readers do read the reviews first and then only decide to buy the book if they deem it worthy. But do keep in mind that there are the readers who want to satisfy their reading urge; and do it at any cost – even after reading so many bad reviews, there are the readers who will read Chetan Bhagat and his books like One Indian Girl which is just bullshit and word porn, if I might say so!

And then it comes to what genres I prefer reading and reviewing… well, I read most of the things. Yes, at times, even erotica. I am a good fan of motivational books as well as business books. Most of the times, you will find me reading either Krishnamurthy or Branson or someone of their class. I do read and review fiction – prose and poetry. Poetry comes to me naturally as I try my hands at it sometimes as well. I have also read some classics, those timeless classics… I hope I will find some time to post the reviews of those classics here.

I must confess that I am not a professional book blogger. But I try my best to find some quality time in a day to read and then write what I read. Yes, book reading and reviews have become a part of my life.

All the best guys… keep reading!

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