A Business Miscellany Book Review

A Business Miscellany by The Economist is indeed a wonderful book to read as well as to decorate the bookshelves. Very few books you can find of such a level as this one is. A compact edition that you can easily carry in your office bags or even in the breast pockets of your overcoats if you wear one. This book contains almost every important information about the most important business industries in the world. Which started when and which is owned by whom are some of these. A person who is interested in business world will surely like the collection of data that A Business Miscellany has to offer.

When did the London Gazette start? Which are the oldest family firms in the business? Who were the business giants of the past? What did the most influential businessmen say? What are some interesting facts related to the Wall Street? There are many, like these, many important and interesting information and facts that this book opens in front of you. If you are interested in business, you are surely going to have this book in your office bag as a long-time companion.

A Business Miscellany review

On the blurb, even more interesting, there are some facts which are inside the book. I will make a count of those:

  • What is the number of the spam emails sent every day?
  • Who was the first woman to get a US patent?
  • “Business is a combination of war and sport” who said this?
  • How did Motorola and Yahoo get their names?

Oh wonderful! Everyone, I think, aspires to know the tiniest facts about the business industry and then having a chance to just omit those in the gatherings and see if the height goes an inch above. Most of us must have the knowledge that Wright Brothers were behind the invention of the aeroplane. However, how many of us bother to know who was the person who invented the safety pins? Likewise, there are many inventions in the book which will actually leave you in an awe….

What are the etiquettes of a business card? How should you present a business card in Japan and China? How are the general notions of business cards in India? The little things and the quality details that this book A Business Miscellany contains about such little habits of business is praiseworthy! You will simply sit and read the entire book once your interest arouses in it. And I am sure, like me, you will never feel like parting with the book very soon in the future. Such a wonderful compilation it is!

My final verdict is that this book is a well-worth candidate for everyone who is interested in business or just knowing about the world’s best businesses. Anyone who reads it will never be left with hands empty of valuable data and important information. Tables, charts, values and research… everything is there. Go for this book guys and if once you get it, I am sure you will remember me and the words I am telling you now! Good read buds!

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