19th Akshauhini: algorithm of the Gita | Book Review

There have been several translations and interpretations of the holy book of the Hindu scripture – Gita. The most knowns among them are undoubtedly the versions by Paramhansa Yogananda and one by A C Bhaktivedanta. Nevertheless, the attempts, by many authors of today, have been made time to time to interpret Gita for the modern readers who want things in a simple language and rather easy way. Ravindra Rao or better known by his pen name, Haribakth, has made an attempt in the same direction. His book 19th Akshauhini: algorithm of the Gita is rather a more scientific and easy explanation of the Philosophical & God-spoken verses of Gita. This book will be very useful for the naïve readers as well as the experts who like to read various interpretations of the holy book.

The book by Haribakth has been divided into two parts – one part is based on the content, which is, the interpretation of the Gita and another part is based on some illustrations which are drawn by the co-author of the 19th Akshauhini: algorithm of the Gita. The another part of the book is very interesting as Vaishnavi, who is the co-author and also the daughter of the author Haribakth, has drawn some quality pictures. The pictures convey the core messages given in the book Gita through interesting conditions. Many misconceptions and misinterpretations are tackled by Vaishnavi very interestingly.

Talking about the interpretation of the book Gita which is done by Haribakth, he has made several interesting analogies and conclusions in his book. For example, he has compared Gita’s core philosophy and motivation to the URL system. And also, the Gita’s messages are compared to mathematics… such analogies are rather new to history of Gita’s interpretations. Sections like Random Observation & FAQ are rather new additions to a book of such kind. Many concepts have been categorized and all the related verses from the book Gita are listed. Interestingly enough, this is the first book on Gita in which you will be finding a number of tables containing information like mostly you find in a book of science! That’s why this book has kept my curiosity level high throughout the reading…

Reading the initial info and the preface etc, which the authors has done quite amazingly – Authors Blah Blah, will keep your interest highly excited. You can easily decode that the author himself is a very ardent devotee of Lord Krishna and he is given to the studies of religious and spiritual scriptures. The hold of the author Haribakth on Gita is remarkable. Also in an interview with Alok Mishra, the editor-in-chief of Ashvamegh, an international magazine of English literature, Hribakth has disclosed the story behind writing the book and his purpose behind the composition of 19th Akshauhini.

To me, the book is a 4.5 out of 5, no doubt! I love books on Gita and have read a few as well. This was something fresh and new to the table. Thanks to the magazine for the giveaway!

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