Hardaul: Ek Bharatiya Yuva ki Soch | Book Review

Hardaul is not a story which is confined to a single territory like most of the folklores in India. This is a story of the youth, the warrior, the patriot and the valiant personality Hardaul Singh who was the prince of Orchha, a region in Madhya Pradesh. This great story has been retold by author Rakesh Sharma through his book – Hardaul: Ek Bharatiya Yuva ki Soch. I got the opportunity to review this book from Ashvamegh and got a giveaway. The book is written in plain Hindi and that makes it easy to be read. Moreover, the Hindi language helps in a quick connect with the theme of the book.

The author of Hardaul, Rakesh Sharma, has taken the examples of recent developments in the country and tried to connect the ancient story with the modern day. The prince Hardaul of this book makes plans for the betterment of his subjects, tries to stand for the people in every adverse situation and always thinks of the public welfare. He is a patriot and thinks the least about his personal gains and losses.

Hardaul Book review

To add a further twist to the book, the author has added the character of Hidayat Khan, which is very necessary for the twists of plot that Rakesh has decided to introduce in his book. Hardaul, however, tackles all the conspiracies and plans plotted by this Mughal spy and conspirator. Nevertheless, when the conspiracy captures his own family, he had to submit to it! His elder brother, King Jujhar Singh and his wife and Hardaul have to face such adverse situations because of the Hidayat Khan’s conspiracy that the end becomes very sad for the prince as well as for the people or Orchha.

The narrative in the book is quite simple and understanding the story is not difficult. The readers can enjoy this re-telling of Hardaul Singh’s legend to the fullest. I have truly had pleasure in reading this book and after quite some days, I have read a novel in Hindi which is based on true events and made quite better in the fictitious form.

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