The Quest of the Sparrows Book Review

Sparrows are almost extinct today, aren’t they? However, the wonderful metaphor still runs around sparrows or rather flies around their wings in the novel The Quest of the Sparrows by Kartik and Ravi Nirmal Sharma. This novel, having heard from my friend a year ago, was always there on my reading list. However, because of the lack of time and commitment to other duties, I couldn’t have a read. Recently, I got a chance to go through this piece of modern Indian literature. It was good, in short. I was happy not to find the usual ‘facebook authors’ script there. The plot was genuine and so was the theme. Maybe a leftist or a pseudo-intellectual author could bore Partibhan into a scandal with Sneha or anyone else to give a controversial twist to the novel… However, these authors, Kartik and Ravi, had different ideas.

The Quest of the Sparrows

The Quest of the Sparrows begins with a cinematic backdrop with a death scene accompanied by a torture for money. Then it takes a whole new turn to open itself into new dimensions. With a little yellows and greens, we come to know about a spiritual leader named Partibhan who sets up a journey on foot – 600 kms! He gathers the people who would accompany him and the spiritual adventure, loaded with self-discovery, begins.

Talking of the build, the novel is divided into four parts, five if we add the prologue. Partibhan’s story is an important part of the novel as it sums the things up. His life, which influences many people into the right path, comes to an end only to open the new dimensions for others who followed him with patience.

Talking of the theme, the novel offers a major breakthrough – spiritual novel in its truest sense. There is a conscious development of the consciousness of the characters who come around the truly inspiring and spiritual personality of Swami Partibhan. Even the non-believers realise what is true and what is false. The novel offers a right kind of track for the readers without any unusual twists which mainly create a ‘lesser rank fiction’.

If I had to warn, I will warn the readers who love Durjoy Dutta and Nikita Singh’s fiction to stay away from this one. This is not for the ‘adult kids’ who look for sexual encounters even in the university revolt! This novel, The Quest of the Sparrows, is for the serious readers who happen to read something which leaves an impression even after being over.

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