Monsoon Minds by Ravi Nambiar

Short Stories haven’t really been the genre which attracts most of the authors. However, this genre surely has attracted the minds of the readers who want to read something quick and easy way… without bothering to remember all the tiny details and a lot of minor characters who, at times, become important. Recently, I got to read a book Monsoon Minds, written by author Ravi Nambiar. This is a collection of short stories which offer pieces on rural issues mostly, and set in the rural backdrop – a village named Bhavli features in most of them.

Monsoon Minds Ravi Nambiar

The short stories in the book are mostly based on emotional drives – love, longing, past, family, ancestors, villagers, and other things which evoke strong emotion among us. For example, you will surely love the short story A Young Flower Vendor in the book Monsoon Minds. This short story features a young girl who comes from a village in a mountain area. She sells flowers; her father works in some factors; her mother works in nearby fields. The narrator of the story evolves an emotional bond with the flower vendor and is perturbed when he doesn’t find on her point for many days. What happens next will just surprise you and might give you some moments of emotional thinking as well…

On several occasions, Ravi Nambiar, the author of the book, has insisted that he works on creating the emotional atmosphere so that his readers can enjoy the ‘other side of fiction’ as well. He doesn’t write like the modern fiction trends. He writes in his recluse and he writes when he feels like writing. * Author Interviews

These short stories in the book let us relish in the reading. The book offers you many answers as well as many questions which need to be answered. Should we develop at the cost of our culture? Should we prosper by paying the price in the terms of our greenery? Should we stop and keep thinking of the past or should we move ahead and embrace the life? There are many questions like these which will pop up once you start reading the short stories by Ravi.

I have enjoyed reading this book and contentwise, aesthetic appeal, writing language and even the size of the book (in the terms of pages) have impressed me. Believe me, you are going to enjoy this wonder ride into the world of emotional ‘passages’! You can find the book Monsoon Minds on Amazon as well as any other book platform online.

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