New Platform for Authors

Hey guys, I have recently come across a new platform for the authors and I must say I liked it. Authors can use the services available there for their purposes and rank higher and higher with time. BookBoys PR is the company which has been launched recently and not only this, it is established by the person who has been actively involved in some of the greatest campaigns in book promotions in India. One of the top book critics in India, Alok Mishra is the founder of the company. BookBoys is destined to be the leader in book marketing and author branding industry because it has the strength and experience required for the job.

What I liked the most about them is their strategy for book promotions. Their backend is so strong that you will not have to think twice once you have landed in their domain. They have been working with some authors and they take up the job right from the pre-launch phase to the post-launch phase. Woo! This triple layer of promotional strategy is also something which is rather new and exclusively developed by the guys at BookBoys PR. Moreover, their aid company, Social Samaj, ensures that the bloggers and influencers are kept in sync with whatever progress is being made in the promotions.

BookBoys PR, as of now, seems to be the single company which offers a comprehensive solution to the needs of the authors and publishers. Their promotional campaigns for the books reach out to a mass audience and surely impacts the readers. And not to be left alone is the fact that the authors are quite happy working with the company and that’s why they land such huge contracts with BookBoys. If you are also an author, you must give it a try and you will have a lot on the desk. Just take a leisure look on their website and you can contact them easily for your queries and needs.

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