Shilpa Raj debuts as an Author for many!

Shilpa Raj, an M.SC in Psychological Counselling, has stormed the literary channels with her debut as an author after the publication of the first ever memoir by any Dalit woman in India. The Elephant Chaser’s Daughter has been published by Rupa Publications, India and runs up to 260 pages. Shilpa’s craft as an author has already been praised by the respected book critics from India as well as different platforms which publish writings about books and the authors. Not only from India, Shilpa Raj has also garnered positive responses from abroad. Her book has already been selling on Amazon and will be formally released worldwide on 28th of July 2017.

Shilpa Raj, born in 1993, belongs to a poor and a Dalit family which has been facing hardships for long. Not only her own family, her ancestors have also been facing the same and they could not fight it back because of the lack of education and a formal outlook which is necessary for Indians to raise their voice. Shilpa’s life took a turn when she was brought to Shanti Bhavan, a school for underprivileged children. She attained her formal schooling from the same school and went on to secure a graduation and post graduation with Psychology as specialisation. She completed her post graduation in Psychological Counselling.

Shilpa Raj aspired to become an author since her early school days and began writing short stories about her friends and also began to write a journal about her family. It is the journal which took the shape of a book, The Elephant Chaser’s Daughter and is ready to be presented to the readers worldwide now.

Shilpa has decided to debut with a memoir and also a serious one which makes it clear that her intentions are to write something with purpose and not to simply get a tag of ‘an author’ for herself by writing some fancy fiction! Her writing is simple and plain and yet very strong and challenging. She uses the accounts of her family to ask us serious questions about our mindset and social structure. She also questions the stagnate progress programs which promise to do the betterment of the lower section of people but in fact, do nothing on the ground.

On the other hand, Shilpa also takes up the cause of lack of education among women and talk about her personal experiences which eventually become universal in the Indian context. The girls getting married at early ages and just keeping busy with the households without the slightest information about what’s going outside the walls…

She has raised many issues in her memoir and has presented a wonderful work of nonfiction to the world. The book is all set to be launched on 28th of July and you can get a copy by visiting the Amazon link below:

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