Meet Prabhat Ranjan: an author from Bihar

“Writing for me is something I enjoy as well as respect! I write to convey what I think and to understand what others want to convey.” When you talk to author Prabhat Ranjan, you will feel like talking to a humble man with roots on the ground and so much of thoughts wavering inside. Prabhat Ranjan belongs to a respected family with political indulgence and his father is a sitting MLA in the current Bihar assembly. Academically, he has completed the engineering course and works for the central government on a respected post.

Prabhat Ranjan author

Prabhat Ranjan writes in Hindi and his debut novel, With You; Without You will be released in the coming days. He writes with fully dedicated mind and his writings are expected to have deeper meanings. To Prabhat Ranjan, everything is related to human emotions at the end. His debut novel seems to be suggesting the same. With You; Without You is the story of three friends, Rami, Nishind and Aditya. These three friends are related to each other in many different ways. Talking about the novel, Prabhat Ranjan beautifully summarises the story’s essence:

रमी के लिए निशिन्द दोस्त है तो आदित्य प्यार, लेकिन निशिन्द के लिए रमी दोस्त भी है और प्यार भी।
रश्मि देसाई के लिए आदित्य दोस्त है तो निशिन्द प्यार, लेकिन निशिन्द के लिए रश्मि देसाई सिर्फ दोस्त है।

Rendering the same in English:

For Rami, Nishind is her friend and Aditya love; for Nishind, Rami is his friend as well as love. For Rashmi Desai, Aditya is a friend but Nishind is love. For Nishind, Rashmi Desai is only a friend.

Prabhat Ranjan has decided to coin a new set of phrases for his debut novel and he puts it as ‘love inspired by friendship and friendship hiding the love’. His novel explores the different dimensions of friendship and love and his maturity in handling this tough theme shows us that the author is not only making his debut but also ready to mark his impression on the readers as an author with a long term relationship with the readers! Prabhat’s writing has already started getting the words of praise for him. Many book review websites have hailed his writing style and concept.

Prabhat is working on many other scripts and the one that he tells of being very close to his heart will be released sometime next year. Right now, his debut novel With You; Without You is ready to be launched and to end the waits of the readers, Prabhat has also set up a brand new website to directly connect with his readers. You can also visit his website and know more about him and his works. The link to his website is below:

Prabhat Ranjan

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