Reading Fiction vs Reading Nonfiction: The Battle of Books

True, so far that I have come on this journey as a reader, I have learnt this thing very accurately. The reader inside cannot be contained; the reader inside is constantly looking for something to read irrespective of the genre. The reader in me is hungry for books and yes, there are also some conflicts which keep on going on and on inside. One cannot help but think and that’s the natural process for any person who boasts a mind inside the head. The battle between fiction and nonfiction is a battle which the reader’s mind is fighting constantly. Which one is useful and which read might be more useful? Whether to read more fiction books or whether to read more nonfiction books… 

The general tone of the battle is all about the time that a reader invests reading books. This is the age of importance of time and no one would like to invest time in something which does not bring any benefit to the end. Why would someone read a fiction if there is no pleasure at the end of the reading and why would someone read a nonfiction if there is no knowledge after the end?

It depends upon the readers what they decide. I would rather like to read more and more nonfiction with serious issues rather than investing my time in typical modern fiction books which offer you nothing but clueless ideas and over-cooked entertainment! Reading Chetan Bhagat is of no use for me while reading Radhakrishnan would surely bring information and intellect to me. Nevertheless, there are the fiction books which use, wonderfully, the garb of fiction to deliver important messages to the readers. For example, the books by Thomas Hardy are rather useful than the books on his writing, which are, of course, the nonfiction books!

Overall, the battle between fiction and nonfiction is all but the battle which readers have to fight against themselves. Books will always be there. Readers will always be there. Choices will always be made…

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