The Elephant Chaser’s Daughter: Review

Do you remember the book I wrote about last month? Yes, it’s about Shilpa Raj’s The Elephant Chaser’s Daughter. The book has been released and it has generated a good response from the readers on the different book listing websites as well as Goodreads. Readers are generally enthusiastic about the book and they are reading it with a great interest. This excitement and eagerness among the readers as well as book critics make The Elephant Chaser’s Daughter, Shilpa Raj’s memoir, a book worthy to be reviewed in detail. And today, I am doing the same. Here is my review for the readers who haven’t bought the book yet. I will be telling you all why you should read the book.

Transparency on the issues: As an honest storyteller, Shilpa has used no curtains over the issue she has discussed in her book. Be it her personal issue or the family issue or the social issue, there have been no fabrications whatsoever, even the casual reader can see this. She has dealt with the issues objectively without being touchy about those or trying to assert her personal views over the facts. Major issues that the book deals with are social discrimination, poverty among the Dalits, women causes, lack of education among the marginalised people and a general apathy with which our society is suffering. You will find several chapters in the book and each one of them, seemingly, deal with some major issues.

Her simple language: The book is very serious, there is no doubt about it. Nevertheless, Shilpa Raj has decided not to take the high ground in the terms of her narrative. She kept the language very close to the common readers so that every reader can easily connect with the feelings of the author and it happens! When you read the book, you can have a closer view of the issues and emotional fluctuation of the author. You can feel the suffering when the tragedy in the family outbursts with the death of Kavya. You can feel the sense of victory when Shilpa succeeds in education. You can feel the agony when she realises what her father has been through and so on…

The vision & message in the book: Like most other debuts, The Elephant Chaser’s Daughter is not a book which is for the sake of an author’s debut. The book delivers a message that every reader can find once he or she reads it. The book raises concerns and questions which are carrying importance on their backs. Shilpa has struck the chord which even the established authors seldom do in their books or they use the garb of fiction; or in other words, they don’t think it proper to be direct and write about personal experiences. Shilpa’s message is loud and clear – she wants to achieve something not for her personal ‘self’ but for many others who are like her.

More about the author and where to buy the book: You can learn more about Shilpa Raj on this link:

You can read a critical review of the book and get the buying link from here:

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