With You; Without You – special preview

With You; Without You is an upcoming novel written by Prabhat Ranjan. I have already written in detail about the author and you can read that post here: Prabhat Ranjan. Today, I will be sharing a preview of the novel with you. With You; Without You, a seemingly simple novel, by all means, is not that simple. The work offers a deep insight into the human psyche as well as relationships and also throws a light on the delicate emotions like love and friendship. In general, the novel mainly features a love triangle as the main plot. Prabhat Ranjan has used the plot to deliver his message and views on the issues he wanted to raise.

“What is love? What is friendship? And what is the line that distinguishes the both?”

With You; Without You tries to discuss this important issue through the plight and life of the characters Nishind, Rami and Aditya. Rami is the girl which symbolises the women in Indian society. She is an open-minded girl but with her senses well in control. She is not like those for whom ‘everything is casual’. Her dialogues are powerful which you will get to read once the novel is out next month!

Prabhat’s dealing in the novel very much reminds us of the great author (writing in Hindi). The language and narrative that you will find in the book are surely heightened and delightful!

“यह तेज आधुनिक दुनिया दिल से जुड़े भावनाओं के समक्ष आज भी ठहर सी जाती है, तमाम आधुनिकता भरा कोलाहल हमारे निर्दोष चाह के कमरों में कोई शोर नहीं कर पाता, वहाँ तो हम निश्चित रूप से तन्हा ही होते हैं, पौराणिक और पारम्परिक ही होते हैं। दिल से जुड़े रिश्ते आज भी हमें पारम्परिक रूप से ही उद्वेलित करती हैं और यदि उद्वेलित नहीं करती है तो सिर्फ इसलिए क्योंकि वह रिश्ता दिल से जुड़ा ही नहीं होता।”

If you will see, this is not the language of the modern fiction but the book is indeed modern. The author has dealt all the issues related to the contemporary youths – friendship, love, sex, relationships and breakups… all!

With You; Without You is a book which will surely touch the hearts of the modern readers and you must read the book as soon as it is out on the market next month. It is also said that the book will be launched in the presence of key literary figures in Patna sometime next month. The author and the publisher, both are delighted and enthusiastic about the book release. I will review the book as soon as I get a copy for myself after the book launch.

Meanwhile, enjoy reading something else!

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