With You; Without You – book review

What could be better than being called an author of a debut bestseller? The same has happened with author Prabhat Ranjan as his debut work With You; Without You has become a bestseller! Written in Hindi, this novel has many things to offer to the readers and so it has been in the buzz and many copies have already been sold. I also got a chance to read the book and today I am sharing the review of the same with my readers. My experiences with With You; Without You by Prabhat Ranjan:

The book does not have any extraordinary or stunning opening. It opens with a usual flashback that we mostly see in the movies and takes us back to the life of all major characters of the novel. Nishind and Rami and Aditya are the major protagonists among other minor characters who keep coming and then fading away. The book offers intense dialogues and also the emotional depictions of the scenes which could be termed as internal conflicts in the characters’ hearts.

The language used in the novel is rather sober and the author Prahat Ranjan has also introduced his innovative way of writing with an amalgam of English phrases which occur occasionally and perhaps, on certain intervals in the novel. With You; Without You is a pure Hindi work – with some terms and conditions! The narrative is simple and straightforward without being so metaphorical or wayward or clumsy. You will be understanding what the author has been saying at the same time you read the lines. There is nothing that readers won’t be able to decode in the lines of the novel.

The character of Rami is very carefully portrayed. She has been shown as a modern girl with an interest and awareness of her traditional values and her identity. She understands what she is doing and she is rather prudent about her activities and has complete faith in herself. Through the novel, author Prabhat Ranjan has tried to clarify his stances on different issues – mentality of men, the status of relationship before and after marriage, the effect of parents on their children, modern approach towards love and sex and friendship etc. The work will be liked by the youth of the modern world, no doubt!

The novel is a little lengthy and those who want the quick reads might have to spend one or two more days with the book as it runs through more than 250 pages. However, the readers have liked the book and that’s why it has become the bestseller of the day! The readers and top book bloggers in India have shown their interest in the book and you can feel the same once you read the book!


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