How Hindi is rising to the standards as never before

Hindi Literature has seen a good year in the form of 2017. It has seen the rise of many authors from the nothingness to ‘somethingness’ and eventually even higher. People have started taking interest in reading books in Hindi once again because they used to be a void when someone mentioned Hindi literature a few years ago. But now, even the giants like Penguin and other publications are jumping into the arena of competition because the authors are coming with better ideas and better content compared to most of the English authors who just write ‘nothing’ and get famous! This clash has been interesting for the readers because they get to read interesting content every ‘new’ day!

Hindi literature’s rise has also seen a massive surge in the platforms offering Hindi content. Review platforms, movie discussion platforms, question-answer platforms and many other platforms are coming every day which offer content in Hindi. One new in such list is called Hindi Samiksha and the website is relatively new. It offers various content in various forms and category. I have been impressed with the content quality and their intention towards the time to come.

The popularity of Hindi literature also lies on the facts that readers have been more interested in reading things close to their understanding rather than rendering something and looking something from a distance! No doubt that English books, on their places, are somewhere still good and new authors are trying while the experienced ones are offering quality content to the readers, but, somewhere, there is the overworked concept which is doing the rounds!

You can also find some of the good books to read in Hindi and enjoy those. Just go to a bookstore near you and see the new titles and you will not be disappointed! Let’s give the things a go before the year ends and start welcoming the new year! Take care

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