Despite Stolen Dreams – book review

Anita Krishan is a well-known author and her fame does not require any introduction! Her recent book, Despite Stolen Dreams, was published in the middle of the year and since then, it has received quite a lot buzz and has been the centre of the literary talks without a doubt! It offers the readers an insider’s account into the problems of terrorism and ‘otherness’ in Kashmir and the role that this menace plays in the subversion of the situations in the common men’s life there in the Kashmir valley. Despite Stolen Dreams is a very good book, and it offers much seriousness than you would have expected by the metaphor in the title! I am writing about my experience with the book.

Despite Stolen Dreams opens with the curse of terrorism that converts a madrasa into a terror school which populates the city with fidayins who are developed in a way that they don’t know whether killing someone or murdering masses in cold blood is sin or a divine act! Anita Krishan has called spade a spade without any shred of diplomacy. Her book then shifts the tone and we get introduced to the protagonist called Wali Khan who is from Kashmir and he has to run away from his motherland because terrorists want to harm him and his family.

Now, the story of Wali will give your hope and faith and the story of Shakeel will give you further hope that surely good can prevail – by this or that way – sooner or later – people will understand the worth of love and harmony and live with peace. The best part of the book by Anita Krishan is that she does not write her lines in Despite Stolen Dreams inspired by a whim or a personal belief. She writes with the artistic vision to match her literary maturity and offer the readers a fiction which they might enjoy and cherish for sometimes.

You won’t be disappointed with the language either. The book is written in a very worthy language which matches the dimensions of the broad theme and an intriguing plot. The story is also a direct confrontation of terrorism with the concept of peace and humanity and it ultimately offers a very interesting read to the readers of serious fiction. You have to read this to understand further! You can also read more about Anita on her website:


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