Way to go… discuss books online! Join the book club

Hey friends… been absent for a while because I am not a full-time book blogger but I am very much interested in books you all know. Today, I am going to share one of my recent discoveries with you – a book forum or a book club. This book club will be very useful for the readers who are from India and want to catch-up with other book lovers and bloggers in India. I have joined the club already. There are many interesting discussions going on already and you certainly need to be there. 

India Book Club is a place where you can see many book lovers interacting with each other and discussing various issues related to books and authors. That is also a place where readers can find a chance to get free or early copies of certain books. This book club is based on the theme of connecting book lovers from across the country at one forum. You can also start a physical branch of this club in your locality if you want to do so. IBC will provide you with all the detailed information and necessary arrangement to do so.

Right now, there are about 150 members in this online book club and out of which, there are many ones who are very active in engaging with others and discussing things. Many book lovers are from colleges and universities which is a good sign that the habit of reading books and getting involved in literary discussions are still alive.

If you are also a book lover, India Book Club is a place where you need to be! Home for book enthusiasts and also the authors who can get in touch with many readers in no time, IBC is a place where you need to be! Just look for India Book Club on Google and follow the link that comes at the top. Register yourself and start engaging with the book lovers. I am sure you will have a good experience and happy feelings.

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