Some rather new attempts in book reviews

Since the time I have become a book reviewer, I am also interested in knowing what other book reviewers are doing and in doing so, I often discover very new and some of the best book review websites in India as well. Today, I will discuss with my readers some very new attempts at book blogging by newly emerging book bloggers who are looking to place their feet in this area. I hope the things will be very useful for you to understand what does it take to become a book blogger and how to be a successful one. 

Intellectual Reader: Well, this blog is being designed as of now and I have seen the local view, as well as the tested online view and I, am sure it has a silky design which makes things rather convenient for the readers. Spending time on this website will be fun and beneficial. The promoters of this website are very much into the book marketing and their efforts will be to make Intellectual Reader a top book website in India.

Featured Books: Though an old website already, this book blog is doing every bit to establish itself as a top-ranked platform for book reviews and literary stuff. You will find this website updated with meaningful reviews and quality content almost every week and that is really meaningful. Because it’s really tough to find websites with useful content these days, Featured Books is surely going to be in the game very soon.

Indian Book Critics: Undoubtedly, one of the very top critical book review websites in India, there is no parallel to this one right now. I am including it on the limited list just to show that how a good review website is maintained and updated to ensure that you get good content everytime you look into them. Do take a look at all these websites and then only you will understand the game very well. If you are also planning to do something as a book blogger, you need to learn these things:

Get a good domain and a well-designed website

Update content regularly

Find new books to review

Add some friends as bloggers to get more content for your website

Write about various other literary stuff other than books

Make your content meaningful, to the point and sharp


I am sure that will all these in your mind, you will be able to make yourself a good and a choiced book blogger very soon.

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