Do you want to read interviews with authors?

Well, if you said yes right now, I have a good news for you. If you said no, still I will pursue you for your approval because reading author interviews is certainly a good thing that allows every reader to freshen up a little and understand the writing of an author very conveniently and rather well. So, you should not be afraid of reading interviews with various authors. I am sharing with you a dedicated platform where you will only find author interviews and nothing else. 

Established in 2017 by Alok Mishra, Author Interviews is a dedicated platform where readers can read interviews in detail. On this website, you will only find interviews and nothing else. Yes, if you are interested in doing the interviews yourself, you can always find helpful blog posts helping you how to frame your questions, how many questions to ask and what should be included in your questions.

You can read the interviews with Indian authors, authors and poets abroad and also the established ones. In addition to reading book reviews, author interviews are very useful when you are trying to understand the writing of an author who is either new or old. Their arguments always give us a reflection of how they approach literature; how they create their fiction or non-fiction; how they view readership and what do they do for their readers.

You can also share what you love and also interact with the interviews using your Facebook id. That will be really helpful for the interviewers to work on your suggestions or feedbacks to include or to remove what is necessary and what is not fitting into the context there. Today, when even the tiny bits matter on the internet, an attempt of this magnitude needs to be recognised and appreciated and that’s why I am writing this post to make you all aware of such a nice platform where you can enjoy reading conversations with the authors.

So, don’t miss the opportunity and do read whenever you like. Just enjoy the interviews and learn more about poetry, novels, or even spiritual books written by the authors who come there for conversation. They will reveal their secrets for you and also unveil their plans for the future. See you on the other side reading content on the website mentioned above… happy reading guys and keep commenting on my WordPress website as well. I will be delighted…. let’s spread good literature around.

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