Reading a book certainly matters…

I am not saying it as merely an exaggeration but as something I feel. Reading a good book certainly matters; likewise, reading a bad book matters as well. If your reading habits are good, you are certainly likely to make good thoughts and likely to see your thoughts changing according to the content you consume. Moreover, if it’s otherwise, you will see the effects accordingly. And so, always take care of what are you reading because that will determine what are you becoming. 

Reading Habits mean a lot to people. Some people like to read a lot and they don’t even care about what they are choosing to read. While others might have an eye for the details and they choose their reading materials wisely, after many rounds of investigations into the content. Well, I am not saying that the casual readers are no readers at all but, then, being serious certainly pays off later. If you are wise while choosing a book, you won’t regret after giving so much time reading it.

Fiction vs nonfiction, serious vs casual and classic vs contemporary was never a debate! The real debate is whether you are satisfied with your reading or not! If you are satisfied with the content that you have invested your time in, then you have a good chance of becoming a benefactor of this choice and this habit. On the other hand, if you lost interest in what you chose after reading a while, you are a loser and you might need to improve your selection process. Your reading score might depend on your choices…

I have found an interesting thing about the reading habits of the people and that is your habit certainly matters but your reading matters as well… a few select books can make or break habits and your habit might bar you from reading select books… and that’s why this relation is a little complicated and I should rather stay out of this… All the best with your reading guys!

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