Should authors have a website?

And that is the MOST essential thing to have if you are an author today, let me tell you at the outset of everything else! Many authors think that without a website, they can approach the readers and the readers will trust them. Well, would you purchase a watch of the company which does not own an official website? NO! So, why would you expect the readers to buy your ‘product’ if the manufacturer does not have a public appearance in the form of an author website? Ridiculous! 

Having a website enables the authors to communicate with their readers easily. They can start blogging and keep their blog regularly updated with the details they want to share with the readers. For example, an honour someone receives or an endorsement that the book fetches… there can be many uses of the website. You can also update your readers about an upcoming event – book signing or a reading session about to happen at a particular place on a particular day…

So, there might be a thousand excuses for not having an author website but the only need to communicate with the readers ensures that authors must have a professional and official website where readers can find entire information about them – their works, their background, their biography, future plans, upcoming books, events, and so on… Many authors believe in designing their websites themselves and some of them also believe in getting it done by the book promotions expert team.

In India, you can easily find website experts to design your website. However, it is always wise to get the website designed by the professionals working in a book publicity firm. They are the ones who understand what does an author need and what elements are the most essential for an author website. This way, your job will become further easier and you can only focus on your writing and that team will take care of the proceedings.

So, the simple rule of thumb if you are planning to become an author is having an author website and make it happen rather sooner. Or you might already be losing readers who believe in reading the authors only after knowing them well. All the best for your writing adventure…

Note: If you want your website to be created by the experts, you can always contact BookBoys PR (India). They have been doing it for many authors and they are the experts in promoting books and branding authors flawlessly.

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