19th Aukshauhini by Haribakth – review

Full name of or full title of the book is 19th Akshuhini: Algorithm of the Gita and it is written by Haribakth and his daughter Vaishnavi. Though the book is rather old and it has been read and rated by experts and readers a year ago, I am trying my hands on this book only now. This is a book which tries to interpret Gita from a different perspective and simplify the epic text for ordinary people to grasp the eternal knowledge which could open the new vistas of understanding. 

19th Akshauhini is a sincere attempt at letting the people know about the significance of the epic. Haribakth does own a great understanding of the holy text as he offers his wisdom on many occasions to the readers. He tries to establish that there is no other greater deity than Sri Krishna himself. He cites various verses from The Gita and tries to prove to the non-believers or doubters that Gita is the mother of all other texts and the father of religious beliefs as well as the origin of science.

Many innovative chapters can be found in Gita which begins very interestingly as well as ends in the same fashion. Moreover, the role of the author’s daughter and the co-author certainly cannot be denied the due. Vaishnavi has contributed her quality graphics to the book which are very helpful in understanding the real purpose and meaning of the Gita. The graphics are very helpful for the kids especially because they can understand the concept in easy and wise terms rather than going through different sources which can seldom be as near as Gita itself.

To sum it up and to end my review, I will only say that the book 19th Akshauhini is a quality book and every reader who has an eye for spiritual books must go through this new book at least once. It will give them newer concepts related to Gita as well as make them aware of the Lord Krishna’s magnanimous form… You can know more about the book and get a copy for the book by following the link below:

19th Akshauhini

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