How to get free paperback books in India?

Well, it seems that you are also the reader of the same type that I am. That’s why you are here to know how can someone in India get free copies of the book for reading and possibly for reviewing the same. I am going to tell you exactly the same thing. There is a newly established website in India which offers free copies of selected books or in simple terms, the books they can manage to get free of cost to offer them free. Moreover, you can also get rare books, cheap books and some really useful books which you cannot get anywhere else. So, what is the website? Where can you get free books in India

The answer is – FreePaperbacksIndia .com

Yes, this is a new website which has been established by the readers and lovers of books themselves and they are now taking the passion of reading to a new level. Not only reading alone, they are sharing the books they enjoy reading. And guess what – that’s what we want – free books, cheap books and some rare books as well.

Free Paperbacks India has been there for some time now and initially, it was working under some other website as a branch but they have started their journey now. Fiction, nonfiction, novels, poetry, stories, even syllabus books and many others can be acquired totally free from this website.

How does it work?

Free Paperbacks has a purpose and that is Read Better India… and so, do you get the books really free? The answer is YES. You get the books entirely free of cost. All you have to do is follow the instructions which have been given on the website homepage – just select the book you want to get free; inform the admins and get a green signal, then buy the book from given Amazon link. Pass your bill to the admins by WhatsApp and you once confirmed, you will get your money back within 4-5 days. So, you get the book free as well as the money that you paid. This is a very simple and effective measure.

Have I tried?

Yes, I have tried and got three books from there. You can try for yourself and then you can also become a regular member of the website group on WhatsApp and get regular free books from there. Free Paperbacks India is a real gem for the readers who want to read good books and also save some money on their purchases. All the best guys!

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