The Gunpowder Prince by Michael Archer – Book Review

Are you a fan of war books? Are you a reader of war histories? Are you someone who loves reading books by the war veterans? You have landed on a very good page which will tell you about a book which you will surely enjoy if any of the questions above has been answered affirmatively by you. Michael Archer is a war veteran who was there on the battlefield during the Khe Sanh siege of the famous and historic Vietnam War. He has written his book, The Gunpowder Prince in the memories of his good friend and army captain Mirza Munir Baig, of an Indian origin, who saved the troop of the US Marine Corps and also kept the ground guarded despite all the hops for their survival was lost in the abyss of war. 

This is not a voluminous book and has very few pages. But the book will tell you about the Vietnam War and about the Khe Sanh siege in a manner you might never even have heard, leave reading aside. A radio operator himself, Michael Archer was available on the ground zero and he observed the working style, war tactics and the bravery of Mirza Munir Baig who led the army to a very responsible hold of the ground won by them despite being surrounded by a humongous Vietnamese Army.

Because the Captain was a natural war winner, Michael Archer observes how he could manage not to lose nerves even in that adverse situation which could have made anyone freeze!

The book takes us back to the history of the Baig clan and also to the present days along with an overview of the Vietnam War. Michael Archer, the author of this book, reveals many other secrets which we would seldom know if no one from the army veterans could reveal them. The book will certainly be an interesting read for many ones in the habit of reading books of such kind. Even though I did not read many books in this genre, the book was very jolly for me and I enjoyed the way the author has explained the situation according to his ground zero experience. You can get an ebook in India from Amazon and enjoy reading it.

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