So, what are you indulged in?

Most of the times when I am not writing, I read. I often look for other book blogs and try to catch up with what other book lovers are reading and reviewing. That makes me curious and I often end up following some books and then reading them if I really like them. I also browse Goodreads sometimes and see what books are there making the headlines and if I can get, I get some of them for my reading hobby. In short, I am a reader when I am not a writer and I am an even bigger reader when I am writing something and how did this happen, I seldom knew… 

Reading about the best book review websites in India, I got to know something interesting. There are many bloggers who are just like me, working on their usual and normal WordPress websites and they are also there on this list in some of the occasions and that made me work even harder supposing if I could also make that happen someday! And I am sure I will because I am a hard-believer in my reading skills as well as my blogging creativity. I will be there someday…

My friends, whatever we work for and whatever we aspire, certainly come true if you do it accordingly and book blogging is my passion. I read because I love reading and I write because I love sharing what I read… My posts are often liked and appreciated by whoever goes through it and the same gives me the inspiration to do even more. I will suggest all my book lover friends go for whatever they want to achieve and I will be searching my destination in the words – whether I am reading a book or I am writing a book… this is where I belong… this is what I do!

I will be reading a few very interesting books in the coming days and a glimpse of that might look like the list below:

Making a Poem by Vihang Naik

Indicting Goliath by Lal Bhatia

A Thousand Seeds of Joy by Ananda Karunesh

Elephants in the Room by Suraj Laxminarayanan

and a few others… I will share the book reviews of all the books with all my readers as I finish my books one by one. Reading certainly makes me happy and sharing the reviews of the books I read makes me happier. Keep hooked, guys! All the best!

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