Have you still joined a book club?

Dear readers, I have joined an online book club and it is so fascinating that I would like to share about this feeling. I think I might have told you about this feeling in the past as well – India Book Club. This one of the biggest, richest as well as most active book clubs in the country right now and it exists online as well as offline, in the real world – various parts of the country. You can easily join the club by signing up on their website and then start engaging with other members on various topics you might be interested in. My experience has been fascinating so far and that’s why I am enjoying it. 

Out of the many reasons to join this book, one very strong reason is its simplicity and the ease of use. You can just sign up and begin interacting with other readers or you can sign up and then ask for a franchise of India book club in your region as well – you will be guided through the process to bring a branch in your region. This is rather easier than being a hectic and clumsy process. You can just use it with so ease of use…

There is everything about book readers and book lovers than one can ask for. You will have the forums to discuss the newest arrivals in the literature as well as the forums to discuss the classics. You can also debate where classics were better than the contemporary literature. You can also debate about Shakespeare; you can also talk about Indian authors. You can also talk about the use and worthlessness of the contemporary literature… in short, whatever you want, you can just debate there!

Out of many clubs, this online book club is very comprehensive, most active and also most engaging. New members are signing up every day and they are making their good impression. Mostly students and some elderly people as well, their collaboration will be the best thing you see about book lovers on the internet. Some are also the book reviewers from India and other countries who are here to share their reading experience with other readers.

So friends, if you want a platform where you can share your reading habit, your book experiences and ask your questions as well as answer asked by others, you are gonna make sure that you join India Book Club very soon. You can easily find that on google or directly access the website: indiabookclub .in

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