Making a Poem by Vihang Naik – Book Review

As I promised, I am sharing the review of Vihang Naik’s wonderful poetry collection – Making a Poem. The new edition of this collection has been published by Authors Press and it is beautifully designed, putting the poet in an aesthetically appealing image. About the poems included in the collection, I will talk at length. Making a Poem, in short, is about the poet, poet’s poetry, poet’s creation of poetry and a poem.

Making a Poem vihang naik

a poem 

injects life 
in the rib of words.” 

And this is what poem should do… a good poem naturally lights it up… a good poem involves the readers because the words which form the poem come alive and they talk to the readers. Vihang’s poems have that quality and a glimpse of it can be in his collection, the present one, which contains only 25 poems in number.

All the poems in the collection are short in length and almost all are deeper in meaning. Beneath the surface layer, lies the deeper layer which hides the breadcrumb – the essence of the lines. The poet has divided this collection into five equal parts; each of the divisions contains five poems and all the poems follow the trail of the lead – the title each section has been given.

Love, passion, affection, disgust, confusion, dismay, illusion… many feelings like these come into play in these poems by the poet. However, one can say, if looked upon objectively and carefully, that the poems do have a kind of pessimistic appeal about them in some of the cases. Some poems lead the words into a kind of disdain for the attempts made by the poet himself. The negative imagery seems to overtake the pleasure of writing of reading poetry at times.

On the other hand, the poet can be seen taking on the truths of this world and this life given to us rather objectively and with a content attitude. He isn’t afraid of calling spade a spade and just move on. Vihang’s poem has a multitude of appeal about it and the readers can certainly see a manifold of emotions coming out based on the interpretation the reader applies. And this is what all the good poets ought to do – get the readers involved with their poems.

I am recommending this book to all the poetry lovers who are reading this review. Making a Poem is certainly a new-age poetry collection meant to encourage the passion of reading and engaging with poetry. You will certainly have your share of enjoyment and pondering reading this collection…. all the best guys!

Know more and buy: Making a Poem by Vihang Naik

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