A Dowryless Wedding by Merlin Franco – Book Review

Have you ever been to a marriage? The answer will certainly be yes, many times, by many people. However, have you ever been to a marriage which was dowryless? Now, the answers will come in fewer numbers and most of the answers will be negative… in spite of so many campaigns and the strict laws which are there to curb the cases of dowry in India, no marriages are dowryless or very few of the marriages are without a dowry. It has become a way of our marriages, to put the records straight. Today, I am going to tell you about a novel recently read by me and it is about marriage that sets-up, is based on a fragile sans-dowry foundation and then crumbles as the narrative progresses.


A Dowryless Wedding is a novel written by Merlin Franco. The novel is fairly simple, limited characters, a very straight plot and a theme which might be argued to be broader than the usual or casual novels’ themes. Merlin’s writing includes the issues like marriage, social pressure for marriage, the compulsion of ‘offering a dowry,’ issues like having a commission in lieu of setting up marriages and so on. ON the other hand, it also deals with the issues like religious problems in marriages, caste and class system that affects our marriages and so on. Moreover, if I may put, it also offers a light or a feather-touch satirical remark on problems like corruption and employment.

Moving ahead, A Dowryless Wedding offers the readers a light satire which is filled with amusement on several occasions which will keep the readers entertained throughout. The case of Franklin, the protagonist and Nisha (might we call her the antagonist) is curious enough to keep the readers disturbed, perturbed and hooked. Their marriage (Franklin and Nisha’s) is a problem even before it is fixed. Problems are there when it is going to take place. Problems are there after the marriage…

You will like this novel because it takes a different stance. South Indians will love this novel because it is set especially for them. Words are mostly local and the places are described in a very realistic way. Author has certainly done a good job keeping in mind that this is just his debut work and not a 5th or 6th novel… Enjoy this piece and do convey to the author how did you like it…

You can get a copy of the novel and know more about the novel by visiting the link below:

A Dowryless Wedding

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