A Thousand Seeds of Joy – book review

I have read a few spiritual books in the past and believe me, I really enjoyed reading them as I had opportunities on different occasions to learn about various things which are often absent from our casual discourse. Recently, I received a book by Ananda Karunesh, A Thousand Seeds of Joy – teachings of Lakshmi and Saraswati. This book is nothing like other spiritual books I have read because most of them were authored by human beings. However, as the author tells us, this book is in the form of a conversation or more likely a question-answer. The questions are put by the author and the answers come directly from the Goddesses. Will you believe it? Well, I didn’t, at the beginning… however, I will share my experience with you here. Do read the review completely and then you can decide whether you read this book or not. 

A Thousand Seeds of Joy

In this book, A Thousand Seeds of Joy, Ananda Karunesh, who is the author, asks the Goddesses whatever queries he has and the two Goddesses answer his questions with appropriate arguments. In the course of this discourse, we, the readers, come across many interesting learnings and surprising facts about our lives, our holy and historical texts, our ways of life, our traditions, our Gods and Goddesses and also many other things. The great emphasis of the author in asking his questions has been laid on the subjects of meditation, many misinterpretations of our ancient and religious texts and about the super or supreme being and how to connect with them.

For example, the questions like the followings which have been asked from the Goddesses are very essential for our lives and making it even better.

“What is wrong with wanting the approval of our loved ones?” Page 74.

“How do we transcend the mind to experience our higher self?” Page 223

“So, when is it good to doubt and when is it good to have faith?” page 39


And many other questions like this are there in the book which will help us realise what to do and in what way to do something. Moreover, the book also focuses on demystifying the ancient texts which have often been misinterpreted. For an example, Ravana is often portrayed as the epitome of evil which he actually was. However, have we even tried to look beyond what we see? Lakshmi ji, in answer to a question raised by Ananda, tells him that Ravana was their very own and he was not evil… and there are many interesting things which appear in the book as the words from the Goddesses which you will certainly like reading and understanding because there is a flow and there is a logic in the book…

You can know more about the book, learn more about the author on his official Facebook page. You can get the book from Amazon India in easy steps.

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