Indicting Goliath by Lal Bhatia – book review

Can there be anything more dangerous than falsely accusing someone of a crime which was not done by the accused? Well, it is understood if something like this is done by a person with enmity for another; however, how would you explain when an entire state does it against a person? It has happened with Lal Bhatia! After facing a lot – trial, persecution, torture and many other horrible experiences, when he finally came out making them accept their mistake, he wrote a book and the same is known as Indicting Goliath today. Indicting Goliath tells the world how did the USA betray a citizen of its own territory. 

“Such was Wig’s influence and power that despite numerous requests, Judges Claudia Wilken, and Saundra Brown Armstrong left these questions unanswered by ignoring them.”

Indicting Goliath cover HD

So, Lal Bhatia’s book Indicting Goliath exposes the corruption and the contaminating power play that go on uninterrupted in the US Department of Justice and even the Federal Judges are not left out of this syndrome.

In this book, Lal Bhatia tries to produce the argument from his side – he tries to tell the readers how the entire state tried to fail him. In this book, you will meet individuals who hold high positions and high regard in the USA power corridors and that they can manage things according to their wishes. You will also get to know about a bank BCCI which indulged once in unlawful activities and was later shut. You will also get to know as an individual with exceptional abilities how was Lal Bhatia lured and trapped and then falsely accused of the same crime that he tried to expose – money laundering!

Indicting Goliath becomes a very important book because it tries to unfold something which we rarely witness in the public life. The USA department of justice, the FBI and the agencies which are supposed to enforce and maintain law and order in the state are actually trying to hound a person, a one-man, an individual who is rather working for their interest by trying to expose a billion dollar money laundering scam.

The book is written in a first-person account wherever Lal Bhatia is supposed to tell the readers about himself and about the things which happened to him – the fierce torture and the unlawful trial. It has a medium length as supposed for a non-fiction book to have. Indian readers will certainly like the book because they will get to read about a person, an Indian who was earlier granted a permanent US citizenship and hailed by the government. So, what changed so much? How did he land in the jail for more than a decade?

The book is as thrilling as you could expect a fiction to be. The story in this book, as told by Lal Bhatia, will certainly tend to shock every reader! However, the ultimate result of this book will surely please the readers… you have to read the book! You certainly have to read the book!

Get more information about the book and buy it: Indicting Goliath

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