Greed Lust Addiction by Ravi Dabral – Review

Greed Addiction Lust Cover

Greed Lust Addiction by Ravi Dabral is a book meant for all seasons. If you are down and out, you can read this novel to get some motivation. If you are high and running, you can read this novel to make sure you don’t lose your sight of the target. If you are bored enough, the book will bring some excitement with the thrilling content and plot that it offers. If you are trying to make more sense of your life, there are the spiritual dimensions in the book that will keep you busy. So, should I say the book is an allrounder? Yes!

Greed Lust Addiction knocked my mind when I read about this novel on many top book review websites in India. I tried to read a few more reviews before I made my decision to purchase this book. Yes, I read mixed reviews as well. Nevertheless, as many readers and reviewers have praised this book for its gripping narrative and quality stuff, I found it equally interesting in reality as well. The author has made his debut count – there is no doubt in saying that for Ravi Dabral!

The story of this novel is based on a classic plot of corruption and muscle power. We meet Vijay and then Suraj – two entirely different personalities at the beginning who come together to defeat powerful but corrupts. Suraj is the central figure who gets inspiration and lessons from Guruji, a person who believes in the power of simple living and high thinking. After Guruji’s arrival in the novel, the readers come across many instances that depict the truths of Yoga, Dharma and Mantras. This is good to read in a contemporary novel and it’s not the case that the author has forcefully inserted these things in the narrative – well-balanced and fully synchronised.

One thing that I like in the novel, other than a thrilling story and a twisted plot, is the language used by the novelist. It is simple and yet effective. It does not let the readers get out of the grip. Because it’s written in black and whites, you are compelled to reading… read more and more and know the conclusion. That’s a tactics well-employed, if I may say that.

To conclude my review of Greed Lust Addiction, I am not only impressed by the novel, but I am also affected. Truth and truthful always win… you should be reading this if you haven’t read this debut work in fiction by Ravi Dabral yet. You can know more about this novel and get the links to buy here:

Greed Lust Addiction – review

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