Demythsifying Myths by Amit Bagaria – Book Review

Demythsifying Myths: Demystifying 18 Myths about India is a non-fiction title written by Amit Bagaria. It is a book that offers the readers what they have not been offered erstwhile and the facts that they have been kept from knowing. As the title might have communicated to the readers instantly, it tries to remove the foil of dust from some of the most controversial facts about India, popular and powerful Indians and also tries to clear the air of confusion from some of the concepts that we must know as Indians. So, what are the things in the book that you will find? Should you read this book? Who are the ideal readers of this book? 

Demythsifying Myths may seem to certain readers as a book that openly and blatantly shuns the prosperity and honour of the Congress party in India. It has the details that we all may have known by some people but could never have believed because no one may have written so openly about these facts as Amit Bagaria has done. It tells the readers about Gandhi, Nehru, Indira, Congress, Rajya Sabha, Hindu Rashtra, Hinduism and so on and so forth – 18 in number – that you might be too interested to know in the course of the narrative of this book. 

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With the simplistic style of narrating the ‘real’ side of the history and factually correcting the misdeeds of historians and biographers, Amit Bagaria has tried his best to connect with the youths of the country and his approach to his theme has certainly helped him reaching a massive reader base in India. He tries to convey the facts in a very friendly way – even the hard and bitter facts about Gandhi’s personal ‘sexual’ experiments by sleeping naked with women or Indira Gandhi’s sexual expeditions with ‘many’ people. The author also brings to the light the scams that did not emerge as high in the media as did the CWG and Coal Block scam. 

To sum it up, Demythsifying Myths brings to the attention of the readers many things that they might not have known in details in the past. It tries to establish the fact-chain that common people of India could never know because many people with many interests were safeguarding these hidden truths for many obvious reasons. You can also know about all these truths by reading this book. Get a copy from Amazon India and know more about the book by clicking the link below: 

Demythsifying Myths by Amit Bagaria

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