USAma: Amit Bagaria – Book Review



What do you know about the USA? What do you know about the world order and the USA’s immoral interference in it? What do you know about the USA’s modern warfare techniques that involve proxies like NGOs, companies and even the use of the country’s embassy in an alien world? Amit Bagaria has stated these details about the USA in his latest non-fiction book USAma: Is USA the World’s Largest Terrorist? This book is a detailed record of the USA infiltration in various affairs of the various countries – its friends and its enemies alike. 

The book has many chapters and all the chapters (all 33) discuss the atrocities of the USA in different countries in several manners – implicit and explicit. The very first chapter, a glossary of terms, includes many important inputs that we will need as the ringside audience to know better what’s going on in the book. So, those who are not very well-acquainted with the traditions and politics of the USA can know many things just by reading the glossary provided by Amit Bagaria. 

After reading the glossary, the readers are acquainted with the presidents of the USA – one by one and to the most important ones. After the presidents and their details and major works, the author has tried his best to make people familiar with the premise of his book’s core motive – to prove that the USA has been more vicious and deadly than many terror organisations in the world in terms of killing the innocent and grinding its axe to perfection.   

You cannot agree with all the arguments that Amit Bagaria has made in his book. Many leading  book review websites in India  have hinted the same. However, you can certainly think about the content of his arguments and mull over these ideas to look whether you agree with his opinions or not. Though we cannot equate America and Al Queda but we can certainly see that the USA has been involved in damaging the order of the world and world peace a big time. 

To conclude, this book comes up as a fresh attempt at looking into the deeds of the USA and trying to interpret it with a fresh perspective putting the USA – world’s oldest democracy, in the culprit shell. This book will certainly be an interesting read for all those readers who are interested in global politics and international affairs in recent years. You can know more about the book and also get the links to buy it from Amazon India by clicking the link below: 

USAma: Is USA the World’s Largest Terrorist? Amit Bagaria 

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