23rd June 2169: will Ztocmi be able to put Earth Resort into the orbit?


There hasn’t been a day that I did not think about books – reading a perfect novel or getting deep into a collection of poems, whatever you may come up with, I have been thinking about books to read. I also explored many among the leading book review websites in India. In a constant search for the next perfect novel to read, I had a chance encounter with science fiction novel written by Gajender Sharma, 23rd June 2169: will Ztocmi be able to put Earth Resort into the orbit? This is a novel that takes the readers into the world of 2169 and a few decades before. We meet scientists who are working on an artificial planet that will be there in the orbit of our solar system – a holiday destination for our luxurious people.

In this novel, one think that I liked so much is the vision of the novelist. Gajender Sharma has beautifully described his imagination of the future civilisation – people living not only on the earth but also on Mars and the Moon, man and machine, in the form of robot and holohumans, living together, people’s safety being the paramount for the powers that be, people’s life being very easy that they don’t have to think much about flexing their muscles – even a flux of thought is enough to complete the tasks that we have to do physically today. SO, the future seems good in the novel but that comes at a price!

It is wonderful to see that many self-publishing companies in India are taking interest in new talents who have their stories to tell. Gajender Sharma has self-published this novel and it has come live… coming to the protagonist and the major meat of the novel, you will see a scientist who is working on an ambitious project.

Ztocmi is our protagonist who is the leader of the project Earth Resort. The name will tell many tales! He works closely with Zoi, the most intelligent woman in the world at that time – 2160 onwards. Science fiction comes at its lively best when we understand that Ztocmi’s car can trace his times, can talk to Ztocmi and can order food for him and the best – can fly speedy enough! We also come to Ztocmi’s house that is so above – on 693rd floor of a building. We are also introduced to the heads of different societies – the Moon and the Mars – SuperMA and SuperMo.

The greatest pleasure comes in this wonderfully told story when we move towards the concussion. Science fiction erstwhile makes the readers believe that humans can achieve anything. However, the novelist had other options in his mind and he has decided to give the novel a twist that will impress many readers. The final stages of the project Earth Resort are very happening and Ztocmi gets the shock of his lifetime when he meets the real Zoi and her masters… what will happen to the project? What truth is revealed to Ztocmi in the space? That, I will leave on the readers to find out.

If you want to read this wonderful novel, with its shortcomings at times, you can get a copy from Amazon India.

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