Despite Stolen Dreams – book review

Anita Krishan is a well-known author and her fame does not require any introduction! Her recent book, Despite Stolen Dreams, was published in the middle of the year and since then, it has received quite a lot buzz and has been the centre of the literary talks without a doubt! It offers the readers an … Continue reading Despite Stolen Dreams – book review


With You; Without You – book review

What could be better than being called an author of a debut bestseller? The same has happened with author Prabhat Ranjan as his debut work With You; Without You has become a bestseller! Written in Hindi, this novel has many things to offer to the readers and so it has been in the buzz and … Continue reading With You; Without You – book review

19th Akshauhini: algorithm of the Gita | Book Review

There have been several translations and interpretations of the holy book of the Hindu scripture – Gita. The most knowns among them are undoubtedly the versions by Paramhansa Yogananda and one by A C Bhaktivedanta. Nevertheless, the attempts, by many authors of today, have been made time to time to interpret Gita for the modern … Continue reading 19th Akshauhini: algorithm of the Gita | Book Review